New Jersey Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact Defense Lawyer

It is vital to comprehend the legal structure about aggravated criminal sexual contact, especially in states like New Jersey, where the laws are strict and have serious ramifications. Let’s explore the legal ramifications of aggravated criminal sexual contact and the role of a New Jersey aggravated criminal sexual contact defense lawyer in detail.

What is Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact?

A major offense known as “aggravated criminal sexual contact” occurs when someone has intercourse with another person while under particular conditions that make the offense worse. Aggravating circumstances are included in this infraction, making it different from other forms of sexual misconduct since they increase the severity of the crime.

Potential Consequences

Prison Sentences: In New Jersey, a conviction for aggravated criminal sexual contact usually entails a lengthy prison sentence. For this offense, offenders could spend five to ten years behind bars. The seriousness of the conduct, the victim’s age, and the offender’s prior criminal history are some of the variables that determine how long the sentence will last.

Mandatory Registration as a Sex Offender:  According to Megan’s Law, anyone found guilty of serious criminal sexual contact in NJ must register as a sex offender. To register, one must give law enforcement officials personal information about themselves, such as their name, address, and photo. There may be further criminal charges if registration requirements are not met.

Supervision and Monitoring: Convicted people might also have to register and face rigorous monitoring and supervision after being released from prison. This could entail routine check-ins with parole or probation authorities, domicile and travel limitations, and electronic monitoring through the use of tracking devices like ankle bracelets.

Probationary Period: When someone is found guilty of severe criminal sexual contact, the court may also sentence them to probation. Offenders are required by the court to abide by certain requirements during this period, including going to treatment or therapy, keeping a job, and staying away from the victim or other possible victims.

Lifetime Consequences: An aggravated criminal sexual contact conviction has consequences that go much beyond the original punishment. A lifelong stigma associated with being classified as a sexual offender might include trouble obtaining housing, work, and social acceptance. Furthermore, some rights can be limited or taken away, such as the ability to vote or bear arms.

In New Jersey, a conviction for aggravated criminal sexual contact in NJ carries harsh and extensive sanctions. The penalties for a conviction of this kind are severe, ranging from lengthy jail terms to lifelong punishments and obligatory sex offender registration. For this reason, anyone facing these allegations must find qualified legal counsel to negotiate the intricacies of the judicial system and protect their future and rights.

Common Defenses Employed by New Jersey Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact Defense Lawyer

False Accusation: Accusations can occasionally result from miscommunication, envy, retaliation, or deceit. An experienced sexual contact lawyer will check into the specifics of the case, searching for evidence that refutes the accusation or discrepancies in the accuser’s statement.

Lack of Consent:  Consent is a crucial component of the offense, and not all physical contact is regarded as sexual contact. Your criminal defense lawyer New Jersey will work to prove that there was no threat, compulsion, or circumstance in which the victim was unable to give consent (due to intoxication or old age).

Mistake of Age:  In certain instances, it’s possible that the defendant thought the victim was of legal age. Although this defense can be complicated, a New Jersey aggravated criminal sexual contact defense lawyer can examine the specifics of the incident to see whether it applies.

Entrapment: Your sexual contact lawyer may claim entrapment if police authorities set up a scenario in which you were likely to be charged. This is a difficult defense, but if the evidence supports it, it’s worth investigating.

Alibi: This can be a strong defense if you have a credible alibi that shows you were somewhere else when the claimed incident happened. Your New Jersey aggravated criminal sexual contact defense lawyer will gather and present the proof to back up your alibi.

How The Law Offices Of SRIS.P.C can Help You

Protecting Your Rights: Our sexual offense attorney will ensure that you are aware of your legal rights at every stage of the procedure. This entails giving you guidance on how to communicate with law enforcement and ensuring that all protocols are adhered to.

Investigating the Charges: Our New Jersey aggravated criminal sexual contact defense lawyer will review the prosecution’s case. We’ll be on the lookout for holes in their case, contradictions in the testimony of witnesses, and possible alibis.

Building a Strong Defense: The details of your case will determine which defensive tactics we investigate. This could entail casting doubt on the integrity of the witness statements, contesting the account of the purported victim, or presenting insufficient proof.

Negotiating with the Prosecutor:  Our sexual offense attorney have an established history of working with prosecutors to reach favorable agreements. We’ll work to have the charges lowered or dropped completely. 

Trial Representation:  We’ll offer tenacious and knowledgeable court representation if needed. Our attorneys are adept litigators who will put forth endless effort on your side.

Our attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS.P.C. are aware of how stressful it can be to deal with charges from the ACSC. But, you don’t need to handle this on your own. Our New Jersey aggravated criminal sexual contact defense lawyer will be by your side, providing a resolute commitment to safeguarding your future and robust legal help if you are facing charges of aggravated criminal sexual contact. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Serious repercussions from aggravated criminal sexual contact charges can include jail time, registration as a sexual offender, and trouble finding work. An experienced attorney can defend you against the accusations, look into possible defenses, and assist you in preserving your rights.

During the legal procedure, proficient criminal defense lawyers New Jersey can check the evidence used against you, contest the prosecution's case, investigate viable defenses (including mistaken identity or consent), bargain with prosecutors to lower charges or penalties, and defend your rights.

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